Thursday, 20 January 2011

Steam and PS3 in perfect harmony!

For me, biggest news on the Steam/console collaboration has hit a highpoint Valve is intending to bring its highly popular platform on to the Playstation 3 console along with the d√©but title Portal 2 (which I am a massive fan of :D ).
What makes this whole thing particularly special, especially from a developer perspective is the feature of having, and I quote, “…unlock a Steam Play version of the game for PC or Mac for free by linking PlayStation Network and Steam accounts…”. This could mean epic possibilities for cross platform games on PC and console and, like me where I buy games across all platforms, could one day keep playing my favourite games sat in-front of my desk or my couch :) .
Question is, will Microsoft want to incorporate Steam into their system? Personally I don’t think they will since doing so could harm their already successful Xbox Live system. However saying that it will make for an interesting battle of game catalogues. Where Xbox already has an impressive online catalogue, collaborating Steam and Playstation titles together could overtake the Xbox’s lead…come April we might find out.
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