Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Drag Tag Smash v1.1

We got the update submitted today (and about time too :P ). Jamie has been brilliant at getting just about every request from Zuby into the game and with surprising results. Since version one of the Drag Tag Smash went on sale, loads of people have been throwing their two cents on suggesting improvements to the game, which has been brilliant and at the same time annoying (in a good way though ;) ). As is the way with the company, we strive to get everything right even if that means delaying submission deadlines, so it’s a good job we work for ourselves. I played the new version of Drag Tag Smash before submitting and it plays so much better now (if only it would run at full speed on my 1st generation iPod :( ), time to upgrade!).
The Drag Tag Smash trailer went live yesterday too thanks to me for the video content, Stephen for the intro animation and Mark Ledson for the audio. I think it was pretty good; it was fast paced, pumping soundtrack and an over exaggerated voiceover for the title, everything a trailer needs ;) . You can find the video on YouTube I would love to know what you think of the trailer and of the game (
We have a load more ideas lined up for the next version of Drag Tag Smash, including a new mode called Master Server Mode, bosses and more weapons. Whether these make it into a new version is yet to be confirmed, but when I know, you’ll know.
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