Saturday, 15 January 2011

Game Industry FTW!

Another interesting article on about criticism on research done for the connection between gaming habits and mental health problems, lol please :P  (

Wonder how long these arguments will drag on for cause it’s all flawed at the end of the day. Films, books, TV they all get slated at some point saying that it’s turning kids into violent criminals, so run for the hills before they get you!

In my opinion it boils down to the parents ‘always’, so just stop buying adult rated material (and I don’t mean porn), for your children as there are plenty of other games to play.

It’s not just video games that define an individual’s psyche it takes living a life with experiences to do that. I remember when I played Duke Nukem 3D when I was 13 or so and I turned out’s not like I run around with a huge RPG Launcher in sunglasses shouting “HAIL TO THE KING BABY!”.

I can’t wait for the new Duke Nukem to be released :D.

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