Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Drag Tag Smash HD is finally sent to Apple


We finally got Drag Tag Smash HD out the door (and about time too!).

Hopefully with any luck it will pass Apple's certification and we can then get ahead on our iOS title....Ongaku iOS (working title :P).

If you haven't heard this is a rhythm action game, but this one has the extra added bonus of a music analyser, which right now we have working and it is pretty sweet. AudioSurf eat your heart out ....nar i kid, AudioSurf is great and if we can ever be as popular as that game then I'd be happy.

Hopefully I'll get some art and videos in so we can start showing more of this game (right now the build is pretty rough).

Keep you posted.

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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Drag Tag Smash Free Download Over

Drag Tag Smash has been downloaded over 10,000 times over the last week! Thanks Openfeint :D.

O.k so all these downloads are free, but people are playing it and are loving it. Don't take my word just check the reviews on the Drag Tag Smash page in iTunes.

The next goal...hit 10,000 downloads with Drag Tag Smash HD for iPad ;). And for each download you make you will be rewarded with +1 Karma.

Be sure to post some witty comments here or on our Facebook page ( It would help us a lot to hear what you have to say about the games we make.

Now back to fabulous and outstanding...documentation -_-!


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Friday, 8 April 2011

Pixel Beat Complete

Hello again...I should really post stuff on here more often, but if I did then I couldn’t get other works done, then people would start firing missiles at me and not the nice kind.

Any who things have been pretty hectic preparing for the recent PR release and all the gubbins to make Ongaku sell at discounted price. Then there’s the stuff with Drag Tag Smash and making sure Openfeint get their assets and stuff all prepared and then there’s all the posting of messages to tell everyone its happening. I need a clone :/.

We’ll like it says on our website, we have a new game in development called ‘Pixel Beat Complete’ and it’s a 2D rhythm action game, which is going to include some nice little RPG bits where you can evolve the game graphics around you and the character. The following text contains advertising like information and product descriptive descriptions describing the product...

Pixel Beat Complete is a fusion of rhythm action and RPG gameplay for iPhone and iPad. Players create and evolve a custom character using music from their iTunes library. Starting off the game as a Pixel, earn EXP Shards from playing levels created from the music, then spend them to either evolve the character’s resolution or buy more music from the iTunes library. When the character evolves, the rest of the game world evolves too, both in terms of graphics and gameplay features. These include the ability to create characters of your friends and keep them in Pixel Place or Pixel Prison. Pixel Beat Complete features:

---Create, Play and Earn
Create avatars and play the game with your choice of music from your iTunes library to earn EXP.

---Unlock Everything!
Spend the EXP to evolve the game-world, from graphics to gameplay.

---Good or Evil; your friends will find out!
Use your camera to collect your friends for Pixel Place or capture them for Pixel Prison.

To go with this we have some early concept video footage here...(please forgive the quality)

O.k. now that you know a little more you are a little wiser for reading :). Oh yeah and we also have a high depth version of Drag Tag Smash for iPad, which is imaginatively named ‘Drag Tag Smash HD’.

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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Review No.3 for Drag Tag Smash :3

Our 3rd review on, which is a pretty big iPhone review website. Hopefully more big reviewers will do Drag Tag Smash in time *fingers crossed*. The score is 3/5 which isn't perfect, but it is fair and fair enough that you should be taking a look at least.

Please comment here there and everywhere so we can hear your views.

Commenting will be rewarded with +1 Karma.

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

So You Want to Work in the Video Game Industry

Do you want to be in the games industry?...Wait! don't answer yet and watch the following video first.

Now that you have seen the video...Do you 'still' want to be in the games industry?

Well done to whoever made the video. All of life's truths wrapped in a 7min video.

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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Drag Tag Smash Gets Reviews

Finally the game has been reviewed and the results have come back...brilliant! :)

In the past few days Drag Tag Smash has been reviewed on two websites and is expecting a new review very soon. The currently published reviews already speak highly of the game, so we're definitely expecting more of the same.

You can find the reviews here:

...and also here:

If you feel like you're missing out on Drag Tag Smash then follow these 2 easy steps:

1) Buy either an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (If you already own one of these devices then skip to Step 2).

2) Visit this link  and buy the game!

Look out for our next review this Friday and hopefully many more to come :3

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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Vote for a Drag Tag Smash Review!

Help support SmashMouth Games by voting to have Drag Tag Smash reviewed on

Simply follow this link RIGHT HERE! and vote today! (Only takes 15 seconds!)

Your votes will help us eat for another day.

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