Wednesday, 26 January 2011

8-Bit Funding

Found this website through about a new initiative to fund indie projects by public donations (

Here's a trailer from one of the games on the site! 

The idea is that you post your idea for your concept and then the people have the option view and choose to donate various amounts in an attempt to get it developed. The developers of the projects post their videos of why you should support them along with information about the game thus far and how much they are looking to raise. Amounts so far are ranging from $1000 to $20,000 (bit ambitious I think), and donating has other benefits provided by the developer such as free copies of the game, loads of art content or even being featured in the game.
I checked through the ideas and at the moment all are in early prototype stages with some mainly having artwork and concepts. There were some curious ideas and one or two…not-so-good ideas. Being a new thing there isn’t much on there yet, but it looks like a good idea and adds that incentive for the bedroom developer to go forth and finish a game, which potentially could go on sale to a big platform. For any other bedroom developers out there it’s definitely worth a look and wouldn’t hurt to post ideas on anyway just to see if people are interested enough to donate money.

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